Cocoa Flavors

Trio Snickerdoodle 1.jpg

Snickerdoodle Cookie

Mom's secret recipe of cinnamon and sugar makes this snickerdoodle cookie cocoa, taste like drinking a cookie in a cup. A cinnamon, chocolate experience that takes you back to your childhood.

Trio White.jpg

White Chocolate

Yes, it's actually white!

This white chocolate delight is made with real ground white chocolate. An indulgence that is worth it.

Caramel Craze

Rich-buttery goodness mixed with chocolate.

A sweet indulgence for any time of the day.

Trio Marshmallow.jpg

Marshmallow Cream

This luscious cup of cocoa, tastes like hot chocolate, with tons of marshmallows melted all in it.

Yes, you can add more to the top! 

Trio Banana Split.jpg

Banana Split

Welcome to the unexpected.

Who would have thunk chocolate and banana would taste so good.

Trio Pep Twist 1.jpg

Peppermint Twist

Refreshing mint with rich chocolate. Ahhhhh!

Trio Marshmallow Lite.jpg

Marshmallow Cream Lite

No Sugar Added

This luscious a cup of cocoa, tastes like hot chocolate, with marshmallows melted all in it. with no sugar added. Reduced sugar to 5g per 8 oz., which is the natural sugars that occur in milk.

Chocolate Lovers Dream

An Old Fashioned Hot Chocolate like Grandma made on the stove, a chocoholics dream, made with 3 types of cocoa, creating a rich, deep flavor.

Trio Raspberry 1.jpg

Raspberry Truffle 

Luscious raspberries meet rich chocolate, in this wonderful hot cocoa.

Trio Cake_.jpg

Buttercream Cake

Have your cake and drink it too!

This hot chocolate tastes like your mom’s chocolate cake batter.